• What do the codes following the description mean (M1, M2, M3… F1, F2, F3…. MMM4)?
    This identifies the degree of Misdemeanor or Felony that the charge carries.
    M1 would be Misdemeanor 1, F4 would be a Felony 4, MMM4 would be a Minor Misdemeanor 4)
  • What does "Unsupported Type" mean?
    This is a charge where the section or charge code is not in our active lookup tables
  • What does "OVI" stand for?
    This is the new description for DUI meaning "operating vehicle impaired/intoxicated"
Release Reason Explanation
Process Only Non-sentenced inmate that is entered into our system, fingerprinted, photographed, given his/her arraignment Court Date and released

Deferred Sentenced inmate that is given a new date to return to complete his/her sentence

Early Release Sentenced inmate that is released prior to the completion of his/her Court ordered sentence
Pre-Trial Early Release Non-sentenced inmate that is released without posting bond and given his/her next Court date
Non-Support Work Detail Sentenced inmate that is released from the Justice Center to serve his/her sentence on an outside Work Detail

Work Detail Program Sentenced by the Judge to the Outside Work Detail