Please Note: Individuals will display for each charge entered per each incarceration, so they may appear multiple times. However, the totals are recorded per single incarceration. This page displays all individuals brought into the Justice Center in the last 30 days, but were released early, primarily due to over-population inside the Justice Center. These inmates were released because simply "There's no room in the inn." Due to the length of the list, printing my be difficult. The best way to print is copy & paste the list into a program like Excel.
The totals are per year. HCSO did not keep records of Early Releases prior to 2008. The Release Reasons totals are a summary of all years.
Release ReasonTotals
Deferred 773
Non-Support Work Detail2440
Pre-Trial Early Release26869
Work Detail Program 4656
LEWIS, DEANDRE173171045030h/juv p141224 p08872 (fail to appear)OTHERUnsupported Type6/16/2021 12:47:12 PMNon-Support Work Detail
SEBASTIAN, VERNELLE173132045232H/JUV CONTEMPT OF COURT (P101643X, P072234X, P022619Z)OTHERUnsupported Type6/8/2021 9:28:53 AMNon-Support Work Detail
MATTHEWS, RICHARD173114445237h/juv p933087 (contempt), o/w read (fail appear)OTHERUnsupported Type6/4/2021 9:40:18 AMNon-Support Work Detail
WALLACE, GENOVA173090745237WAR MAKING FALSE ALARMS C21CRB9195, OWES DAYS2917-32MAKING FALSE ALARMS M16/2/2021 1:36:28 PMWork Detail Program
WALLACE, GENOVA173090745237WAR MAKING FALSE ALARMS C21CRB9195, OWES DAYS2923-02ATTEMPT6/2/2021 1:36:28 PMWork Detail Program
DAVIS, DONALD173047745231H/JUV P04734XOTHERUnsupported Type5/21/2021 9:21:54 AMNon-Support Work Detail